Update as of 9/25/16

Thank you for your interest in the CPCA Health Center Library. As of October 1, 2016, CPCA is no longer offering new subscriptions for this product.

Over the past three years, the Health Center Library has been consistently evolving, as we continue to strive to meet user needs and requests. This past year we implemented significant changes with the hope of improving the user experience and providing a sustainable and technologically current product for health centers. Unfortunately, we’ve found that healthcare professionals are obtaining their point of care decision support needs through non subscription services. As a result, routine use and subscription rates have fallen to an unsustainable level. This has led to the strategic decision to discontinue the Health Center Library. With the discontinuation and closure of the Health Center Library, we will refocus on other avenues to address the needs of clinicians and other health center staff.

Subscribing organizations have been individually contacted about the discontinuation. However, if you have any additional questions, please contact Nicole Key at nkey@cpca.org.

We want to thank you for supporting the HCL and for the valuable feedback and input we’ve received over the past three years as this product has evolved. We look forward to the next chapter of meeting health center clinicians’ needs.


Meghan Nousaine, Health Center Library Project Director 

Carl Heard, Health Center Library Medical Director

Mike Witte, CPCA Chief Medical Officer


About Us

Staff: The Health Center Library is supported by California Primary Care Association Staff, a part-time Medical Director and Editorial Board.

Current support staff include: Meghan Nousaine & Nicole Key who can be reached directly at: HealthCenterLibrary@cpca.org

Medical Director: Carl Heard, MD

2014 -2015 Editorial Board: Mike Witte, MD; Eric Henley, MD; Darren Rahaman; MD; Patricia Talbot, RN, CNM; George Barghouth, DDS; & David Gorchoff, MD 

Purpose: The primary purpose of the Health Center Library shall be to provide a clinical  & operational knowledge base for safety-net health centers & clinics where resources are designed and/or vetted by peers.

Mission: Safety-net staff collaborating to care for underserved members of their community will have access to highest quality online tools in order to improve the health of their patients and their community.

Goals: The goal of the CPCA Health Center Library is to improve the quality and coordination of care for the thousands of patients served by safety net clinicians by providing care teams and staff with tools that:

  • Provide immediate access to best practices with evidence-based care that is updated, current and relevant to their practice.
  • Provide access to other high-quality tools that are pertinent to clinicians working in community health centers in order to improve health disparities among the health center’s targeted populations (uninsured, underinsured and Medi-Cal).
  • Provide guidelines for appropriate and timely referrals.
  • Provide high quality, current and reading level appropriate, electronic patient education information that can be printed and given to patients and their family members at the time of the visit.
  • Support clinical guideline compliance requirements for community health centers.
  • Support the continuous education of health center and clinic staff by providing tools to research clinical and operational best practices and evidence-based research.

This valuable resource is provided to you via a partnership between California Primary Care Association (CPCA) and Western Clinicians Network (WCN) with start-up funding from Kaiser Permanente Community Benefit.